People say that WINE is the product made from soil, climate, and human knowledge. It is also a gift from the sunlight. In order to introduce such wonderful products into Japan, we began our work with visiting many producers. Even if someone has good vineyards or the year is called "excellent year" for the wines, the quality of each wine always depends on the producer! We can see the differences among the producers very clearly! When we met producers who always search for better quality and make effort for it, we were convinced that the wines produced by such people were exactly what we had been looking for. In order to distribute wines with good quality in reasonable prices, and also in order for more people to meet something genuine, we will continue selecting very seriously the wines we should import.

Company's Outline

Company nameINABA Co., Ltd.
FoundationAugust 1952
Capital45,000,000 yen
PresidentMr. Yoshihiko Inaba
Workers80 people
Our business We import nice wines directly from the producers in Europe and the other area of the world. We distribute them all over Japan.
We visit many wineries mainly in Europe and select nice wines and deliver them into the Japanese market.
Our clients well-known department stores all over Japan, high-grade supermarkets, wine-shops, liquor-stores, restaurants, etc.

Summary of Our History

1952The Retail store specialized in alcoholic beverage called "Inaba Shoten" started.
1971Inaba & Co.,Ltd. was settled.
1975The building of head office was built in Imaike.
1980We started importing German wines.
1983We started importing French wines.
1988The distribution office was opened in Nakagawa-ku.
1991We started importing Italian wines.
1994We started importing Spanish wines.
1999The new distribution office was opened in Nakagawa-ku.
2002Tokyo office was opened
2004We started importing Chilean wines.
2005We bought a new building in Tokyo and our Tokyo office was moved into this building.
2007We started importing Argentine wines.
2009We started importing Australian wines.
2010We started importing Portuguese wines.
2011The former Tokyo office became Tokyo branch.
2013Fukuoka office was opened.
Extension of the distribution office was completed.
2016The new building of head office and showroom in Imaike was completed.

Office & Showroom

  • Sales Division
  • Tokyo Branch Office
  • Fukuoka Branch Office
  • Showroom