When we meet nice producers,
we import their wines direcctly from them.

In late 1970's, the wines were not distributed very much in Japan. But we were attracted by German wines which we thought suit Japanese people's taste. At that time, we could see a good future in the Japanese wine market. Then, we decided to import German wines. Before we started importing wines, we went to Germany in order to find the wines which were not yet imported into the Japanese market. During the trip in Germany, we met this wonderful producer who showed marked enthusiasm for continuing to produce wines of good quality. Then we started importing his wines directly from Germany. Our enthusiasm for wines of good quality helped us to meet more and more good producers. Eventually, we import around 1000 wines from all over the world.

We select the 1000 wines through visiting producers, their vineyards, their cellars, knowing their way of wine-making and lots of tastings. When we meet right producers for us, we decide to import their wines. Our mission is to introduce nice wines which are not known in the Japanese market yet. Our pleasure is to let Japanese consumers know the real value of such nice wines and enjoy such wines.

Our wish is to let people know the real value of our wines
and the stories of the wine-making.

Since we started importing wines directly from the producers, we have built up a good relationship with them. Even now, we still visit our producers every year and keep watching their quality and their wine-making with our own eyes.

Some producer said, "Making a little effort which other people do not, makes a big difference in the quality of the wine". He checks each grain of the grapes very carefully and use only good grains. The other producer said to us with enthusiasm, "it is very important for me WHO and HOW my wines are sold in the market." You can see the producers' enthusiasm for the quality in a bottle of their wine. It is one of our important jobs to inform their enthusiasm and their philosophy about their wine-making to the Japanese wine consumers.

In order to meet many different wines,
we sample approximately 1000 wines every year with all our staff.

"Quality" or "Value = quality for price" is the most important point for INABA to select wines. So, we sample approximately 1000 winese very year and study them with all our staff of the company. We sometimes have to taste wines every day for more than 1 week to find proper wines for INABA. We usually sample 10-15 wines at one time. We estimate the retail price of the wines and study how well the wine can be received in the market. There are many different wines in the world. On the other hand, each person has his/her own taste. In order to have a very wide range of wines, we listen to beginners' opinions because more and more people have been getting interested in wines and we have always beginners for wines. However, even if they are beginners, they can tell it is genuine when they met something genuine. We believe our mission is to keep looking for wines with good quality in reasonable prices and to make more people happy with our wines.